Mrs Tembe visits a chiropractor

Mrs Tembe is still in pain, and Ayesha gives her the number for a chiropractor. Mrs Tembe is totally out of her comfort zone as she strips down and puts the gown on that the chiropractor has asked her to wear. He makes an assessment and then to Mrs Tembe’s delight he applies pressure in just the right places to make her back feel better.

Karen’s surprised to see her neighbour, Susan, is moving house with her long lost brother, Peter. Peter tells Karen he and Susan were separated as kids and he was shipped off to Australia while she remained in England. Karen realises Susan feels guilty for their past and tries to make them see that neither were to blame for the way things worked out.

In an attempt to engage Daniel, Zara suggests that he takes Joe to his next appointment with Michael – perhaps he could read the research. But all Zara’s badgering does is get Daniel’s back up and he withdraws his consent for Joe to see Michael.