Mrs Tembe walks into an explosive situation!

Sid’s reading an article about a new cancer research centre opening today on Campus. He tells Mrs Tembe it’s being funded by a Julius Ngotse and is surprised when Mrs Tembe mentions she knows him.

Mrs Tembe and Sid have to stop a young female student from putting up a ‘ban Julius Ngotse’ poster in reception. She claims the centre is being funded with dirty money. A troubled Mrs Tembe decides to head over and see Julius for herself.

Meanwhile, Sid hears a loud bang in the distance and then clashes with the student, when she admits she planted a thunder flash device at the centre to scare Julius. Back at the centre, Julius is determined not to let this incident cloud the day but Mrs Tembe decides to give him some advice.

She suggests today might not have been so bad in the end but one day his decisions really could result in him getting hurt – or worse. With a final look at the centre, Mrs Tembe heads back to work leaving Julius to mull over her words.