Mrs Tembe’s back!

It is Mrs Tembe’s first day back and Lauren creates havoc in an attempt to get her job. Lauren antagonises Mrs Tembe until Heston appears; Lauren turns on the waterworks and Mrs Tembe agrees to forget what happened. Lauren meets Kevin for lunch at the Icon; she only has time for a quickie… and leads him into the toilets. After, she tells Kevin she’ll catch him later and goes back into the bar where Harrison waits for her.

Back at The Mill, Mrs Tembe gets a complaint from a patient whose prescription has gone missing and discovers Lauren hid it. Mrs Tembe confronts Lauren and the women have an argument. Heston tells both women to report to Julia’s office in the morning – Mrs Tembe is devastated.

Later, Lauren becomes faint and Daniel drives her home. That night, Kevin turns up at Lauren’s house drunk, but she won’t let him in. He accuses Lauren of sleeping with someone else and she shuts the door in his face. Kevin hits the wall in frustration as a neighbour looks on. In Lauren’s house, Harrison looks thunderous, having heard everything.

Also, Heston encounters a difficult bee keeper patient who has to admit honey can’t help her chest infection any more.