As Karen and Rob speculate about the mysterious Mr Tembe, an oblivious Mrs Tembe is escorted to work by Gordon, who says she should leave her toothbrush at his house. At reception, Karen resists the urge to quiz Mrs Tembe, who puts the phone down, turns her head and sees her husband, Thomas Tembe. He remains civil, but would like to talk to her, so Mrs Tembe promises to meet him at the Icon.

When they meet, Thomas asks her for a divorce as he’s getting remarried, and Mrs Tembe signs the papers. Thomas returns to The Mill, and Karen reveals Mrs Tembe told them her husband was dead. Gordon arrives and, as Mrs Tembe introduces Thomas as her brother-in-law, Thomas contradicts her; he’s her husband. A sobbing Mrs Tembe admits Thomas is telling the truth and she watches as Gordon walks out.

Meanwhile, angry that Jas and Kevin have lost the radio gig, Howard decides the next best man for the job is Jimmi. But as he asks him, Howard realises he’s put his foot in it when Jimmi fills him in on being held hostage by crazed fans, Sissy and Ivor. Howard apologises to Jimmi, who makes him promise never to propose the idea again.

Also, Jas tries to warn a student that the lies he tells to seduce a beautiful girl will come back and bite him – but will he listen?