Josh is doing another shift at the church café and shares it with the shy but lovely Claire, a single mother who is making eyes at Josh. The pair are awkwardly flirting when Mrs Tembe shows up, concerned it’s been a while since she’s seen Josh. Mrs Tembe bustles around and irritates Josh, who is offering to teach Claire some of the dishes he’s learned and impresses her by making a pizza for her kids. 

Later, Mrs Tembe preaches caution to Josh, and he turns on her: does she have to babysit every one of his social interactions?! Wasn’t she the one who said he should move on with his life? Mrs Tembe mentions Claire’s right to know about Josh’s history – but Josh insists it has nothing to do with her and storms off…

Meanwhile, Al’s in early and finds himself secretly watching Niamh, who has found a voice-changing toy a patient has left behind and is entertaining herself, being very silly. Later, when Al’s giving Niamh advice on a patient, his focus is drawn to little details like her hair and jewellery. At the end of the day, Al says goodbye to Niamh like an overenthusiastic puppy and then returns to play with the same toy he saw her with this morning – he’s clearly smitten!

Also, Heston has to save a hoarder who spills her husband’s ashes on herself and goes missing.