Mrs Tembe’s makeover from hell

When her local church hall is vandalised, Mrs Tembe offers to hold the committee meeting at her house, but her washing machine causes a flood in her kitchen and she has to call a plumber.

When plumber Hannah arrives, first impressions are not good and she offends her. By way of an apology, Mrs Tembe offers Hannah a makeover, but turns her into a clone of herself!

Luke visits his boyfriend Will, who is dying of cancer, and is upset when Will says he isn’t having any more treatment. Will says he just wants to live out his final days his way and wants Luke to take his exam that afternoon.

Luke tries to persuade Heston to change Will’s mind, but Heston says Will is legally old enough to make his own decision. Luke then rushes back to see Will again, but he’s run away!

Luke finds him sat on a park bench; Will wants Luke to accept his decision and go and sit his exam. As Luke sits the exam, we hear Will died seven weeks later, but in those weeks he lived as a teenager just as he wanted.