Mrs Tembe’s on the warpath!

Howard admires Mrs Tembe’s Poppy but when Kevin walks in without one, saying he hasn’t had a chance to get to the cashpoint, Mrs Tembe is determined to see that he does. When Heston then walks in, also not wearing a Poppy, Mrs Tembe thinks it’s because he plan to buy a more fancy one. But she gets a shock when, as she and Howard nag Kevin again, Heston defends his right to not wear a Poppy – he is more than happy to make a contribution to a Remembrance Day collection without wearing a badge to tell the world he has. He will not be wearing a Poppy this year and he respects Kevin’s right to make his own decision. Later, Kevin gets Jas to lend him ten pounds, which he puts into the collection.

Rob and Driver set up their marital home today to work on the baby trafficking case. He’s Richard, she’s Sue, they have two grown-up children and a cat who died. While Rob is wooden and unconvincing, Driver isn’t much better. After a fruitless morning, Rob says they should bring as much of themselves into this project as possible to make it credible: they need to be Rob and Lyn. Rob also reckons the house looks like a show home; they need cushions, photographs and some mess. Rob nips home, finds a family photo and gets the lab to cut Karen out and photoshop Driver in instead. It’s freaky to see Karen being cut out of his life and replaced by Driver.

Also, Jas gets a call from Aran, who invites her for dinner. But Jas doesn’t want to go so she tells him that Kevin is cooking a fancy meal that night – and much to Kevin’s annoyance she actually makes him do it!