Mrs Tembe’s unimpressed by Heston’s vlog

Mrs Tembe watches Heston’s vlog but falls asleep as Heston drones on. The camera tilts down, revealing that below the waist, Heston is dressed only in boxer shorts! The secret of Heston’s internet success is revealed – but there’s no one to see it.

Heston asks an old friend to be a guest on his vlog. But she’s not the sophisticated woman he remembers, she’s given up work and is drinking too much. Heston tries to talk to her about her issues and she admits that she has Motor Neurone Disease.

Karen is sick with worry and things get worse when Supt. Noakes turns up at the surgery, asking to register as a patient. Emma enters the consultation with Noakes – but gets a shock. He is there for a repeat prescription – he has Parkinson’s.

Andy tells Rob there’s a bag which contains a sim card and Rob thinks it could be the breakthrough he was looking for to bring Treehouse down. Later, Karen tells Rob that Noakes came to the surgery and he fears that Noakes is trying to get to him through his wife.