Mrs Tembe’s unimpressed with the gatecrashers

Karen wakes up with a jolt and reckons she’s been bitten. When Rob’s bitten too, he has to accept the cowboys he hired didn’t exterminate all the fleas. Later, Rob tells Karen he’s found a decent fumigator this time, but it means they’ll be homeless for the night. Karen refuses to go back to Angie’s and Rob reckons with the amount the fumigation is costing a hotel is out of the question.

Meanwhile, Heston has cooked a lovely meal to cheer up Mrs Tembe, when the doorbell goes and Karen and Rob burst in. Turns out, Julia has offered to let them stay at Heston’s while they have the place de-flead, but she clearly didn’t let Heston know. The mismatched quartet tuck into their mixed dinner of takeaway food and Heston’s fine dining.

Heston and Mrs Tembe have planned to watch Rigoletto, but Karen wrestles the remote away, claiming she did the washing up, and switches to her favourite soap. Heston and Mrs Tembe can’t help, but comment on the ridiculousness of Karen’s soap. But when Mrs Tembe learns Karen would let her children watch it, a wound-up Karen snaps and tells Mrs Tembe she won’t be taking advice from a woman who has no children of her own!

Mrs Tembe goes to leave, but Heston stops her, not wanting to be left alone with these Philistines. Karen’s peace offering of a live music event tempts all parties back to the sofa, only for Heston and Mrs Tembe to realise it’s just more trash TV. Will they find anything in common?

Also, Jimmi helps a sick bride on her wedding day, but the secret he uncovers threatens to ruin the big day.