Mrs Tishell’s back in town

Louisa is understandably rather nervous about the return of pharmacist Mrs Tishell to Portwenn. While Martin tries to allay his wife’s fears, Mrs Tishell is put out that she now has to be under the supervision of locum Jennifer, but when she asks Martin to contact the Pharmaceutical Board to tell them she is safe to work unsupervised and he refuses, it’s clear that her long-held devotion has suddenly turned to hatred!

Martin has other concerns however, in the form of beachcomber Lorna Gillott who has trodden on some glass. As he treats her, he notices that her ankles are swollen and she later shares her fears that she may have arthritis. But when she collapses on the beach it is revealed that she has excess iron in her blood and Martin has to try to overcome his blood phobia to drain it.

Elsewhere, as Bert cosies up to Jennifer, Al and Morwennna are shocked when they end up on a blind date and they both make an awkward exit and Al decides to move out.

Meanwhile, Penhale goes on a survival course on the moors as he tries to be selected for the elite police squad, but accidentally shoots himself in the foot and hitchhikes home where Martin treats him.