The BAFTA-winning comedy returns for a second series

The BAFTA-winning comedy returns for a second series.

It’s two years since we met widowed Cathy – played with sublime understatement by
Lesley Manville – and as the series returns, we find her marking her 60th with a family trip
to a carvery.

Obviously, her brother’s sneering partner Pauline thinks it’s beneath her, while Cathy’s awkward but oh-so-smitten pal Michael has bought Cathy enough presents to last the rest of her life…

Once again, though, every scene is stolen by Lisa McGrillis as Cathy’s tactless but somehow deeply endearing future daughter-in-law Kelly, who has kindly made Cathy a birthday banner featuring a skull and crossbones ‘to capture a sense of the passing of time’!

Please note this programme airs at 11.15pm on N Ireland.