Steph is consumed with guilt after her confession to Jack about Jake attempting to rape Nancy. Meanwhile, Frankie begins to doubt Jake’s innocence when she notices his unhinged behaviour towards Newt. But when Jack admits that Steph witnessed the attempted rape, Frankie refuses to believe him.

At the hospital, she confronts Jake with his sister’s accusations and is horrified when his reactions confirm his guilt. While heartbroken Frankie gives him a few minutes alone with Charlie before she goes to the police, Jake launches a last-ditch attempt to keep Charlie all to himself…

Justin is forced to let down Katy in favour of helping Nancy with a custody interview that afternoon prompting Katy to confide in Zak that Charlie is ruining her relationship with Justin. At the interview, Nancy is frustrated when Justin annoys the officer with slanderous accusations over Jake’s conduct.

Tony is pleased that Jacqui is allowing his son Harry to visit them in Il Gnosh, but his easy life is beginning to annoy Mercedes, who confronts Tony with her plans to ruin his happiness.

Also, has Elliot been stood up?

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