Christmas Day dawns and Debbie is thrilled to have Charity and Noah with her. They all go to Wishing Well cottage for dinner but Charity and Cain are soon fighting and Debbie storms out. When they go looking her for her, she’s burning Cain’s money. Now, she says, they have nothing left to fight about. Debbie goes back to her Christmas with the Dingle clan and Charity and Cain go to Tug Ghyll, where they continue to snipe at each other like an old married couple. So, why don’t they get married, suggests Charity. And Cain agrees! They seal the proposal with a kiss but are they really headed for wedded bliss?

Paddy and Aaron leave the feuding Dingles to join the Barton’s. Karaoke’s on the menu at their home and Aaron and Adam are forced to sing together. Will Aaron choose Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?

Ashley is invited to dinner by Edna, he doesn’t know where to put himself when psycho Sally fusses over him. He’s her Christmas cracker and she thinks she’s pulled!

It’s a happy family Christmas for Nicola, Jimmy and baby Angelica, though – Carl and Chas even make up. But how long will the peace last?

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