Mum’s the word…

Fatani asks Danny to take an aggressive hippo off his hands. But the hippo isn’t the only new arrival as Sarah’s mother Caroline (played by Hayley Mills) also turns up at Leopard’s Den. Caroline and Sarah have never really seen eye-to-eye – and it looks like Du Plessis is the only person willing to make Caroline feel welcome.

But she doesn’t waste any time on making her presence felt: she makes Sarah crash the jeep and gets the Travanions in debt with Fatani. Then she interferes with two celebrity guests desperate for some privacy. With the paparazzi on their way, Sarah tells her mother that she can’t take it anymore – she must go home!

Elsewhere, the hippo seems reluctant to leave its pen, and Danny and Du Plessis can’t work out why. Caroline thinks that the hippo has fallen for a buffalo, also housed in the pens, and doesn’t want to leave its friend. And when the two animals are put in the same waterhole, it turns out that Caroline is right.

Meanwhile, Rosie is dealing with her own romantic turmoil. Rosie is attracted to Max – but she knows that as long as he’s going out with Thandi she must stay away.

Sarah and her mum eventually manage to put the past behind them and, just as Caroline is about to leave, Sarah asks her to stay.