The madcap Muppets are back for a follow-up to their 2011 big-screen return, aided by a roster of game-for-a-laugh stars, led by Ricky Gervais.

He plays the shifty Dominic Badguy (‘Pronounced Bad-gee; it’s French’) who gets the plot rolling by hoodwinking the Muppet gang into going on a global tour.

Sure enough, it’s all a ruse to pull off a string of heists in European capital cities and the hapless Kermit finds himself banged up in a Siberian gulag, his place in the troupe replaced by a dastardly lookalike, fiendish Russian criminal mastermind Constantine.

Naturally, the naively trusting Muppets fail to spot the impostor, despite Constantine’s thick accent and all-round dodgy behaviour. Though the plot drags from time to time, Tina Fey is great fun as a Broadway-loving gulag guard and the Muppet puppets are as adorable as ever.