Despite Karl’s revelation last week that his cousin Jamie was responsible for the college shootings, Jeff refuses to give up on the troubled teen.

After a futile night spent searching for Karl, Jeff discovers he’s returned to the college where the killings took place.

Suspecting the worst and terrified Karl is about to pick up where Jamie left off, Jeff chases Karl through the college.

Once Jeff catches up with Karl, he realises his fears are unfounded. Karl is trying to make amends for the past by returning items he ransacked from the lockers before the shooting.

Karl storms off, hurt by Jeff’s mistrust. But when Jeff later apologises to him, Karl makes a shocking confession – he broke into his cousin’s locker before the shooting and saw the gun, and didn’t do anything to stop him!

Convinced he’s bad to the bone and can’t change, Karl snaps and gets into a fight with college student Zac, who’s been bullying him.

Jeff manages to talk Karl out of dropping Zac from a balcony and also comes to terms with his own grief over Polly.

Elsewhere, Ruth has an interview to decide if she’ll be fully reinstated as a doctor and, as usual, she seems supremely confident. But when a young stroke victim is brought into the ED, Ruth buckles under the pressure.

A disapproving Tess and a hungover Linda clash over their very different management styles. Linda is determined she’s in the right, until a run-in with a grieving patient forces her to reassess her attitude.