Murray visits Belle

Belle is ready to be discharged from hospital, but the police haven’t found any leads on whoever ran her off the road. Murray visits to inform Belle he’s heard the developers will soon be removing the toxic waste by night, and he wants her to help him stake it out.

Meanwhile, Angelo is suspicious when he catches Belle with Aden’s iPod. Later, his suspicions increase when he can’t find Belle, so he is almost relieved to find out she was staking out the development site. Meanwhile, Aden worries about Angelo’s snooping and gives Belle an ultimatum. Until she breaks up with Angelo, he doesn’t want to see her.

Martha confesses she is scared of what will happen after the chemo finishes. She confesses that after her final dose, there is nothing else she can do to fight the cancer. Back at home, Jack is encouraging and tells her not to worry about the future and focus on living for today. Martha agrees to go ahead with her chemo.

When a man from out of town, Brian Lawler, comes looking to collect cash which Bridget owed him, Alf offers Bridget a loan to get rid of Brian and she accepts.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday December 19*

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