Sam’s called the cops but he gets to Nathan before they do and tells him about the body in the woods. Nathan is straight on to Natasha, who races home from her holiday with Declan. Quite right, too. It’s hardly the time for G&Ts by the pool… It’s time to face the fall-out from murdering bigamist Mark. The police are waiting when Natasha gets home and she tells them the same lies she’s been telling since she killed him. Then she gathers Maisie and Will together and tells them their father is dead. She’s lived with her guilt for months, but can she live with the hurt she has caused her children?

The Dingles begin to adjust to life without Shadrach. Well, Shadrach was a dirty, drunken scoundrel, but he was THEIR dirty, drunken scoundrel and they’re going to miss him. There’ll be a dip in takings at The Woolpack, too.

The discovery of the body has unearthed guilty feelings in Betty. Unaware that it’s Mark who has been dug up in the woods, Betty’s scared Seth’s body has been found in its illegal burial plot. Stay calm, Betty and have a sherry…

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