My Family and the Galapagos – C4

Monty Halls is on his final Galapagos island mission 
with his young family in tow and he has one last opportunity to find rare sharks

The star of tonight’s episode has to be five-year-old Isla.

From paddling with marine iguanas to swimming with sharks, the little girl with her fearless enthusiasm has truly had a summer like no other.

But before the Halls family head back to the UK, Monty has a life-long ambition to fulfil – looking for sharks on the islands of Darwin and Wolf.

At the northern tip of the Galapagos, they are a haven for 33 species, including the one Monty is desperate to see – the whale shark.


The Halls spot a whale shark between Wolf and Darwin, in the far north of the Galapagos Marine Reserve

But even here the species is under threat; it’s estimated the number of hammerheads has dropped 95 per cent in the last 30 years.

It couldn’t be more important that this and the next generation do everything we can to protect them now.

TV Times rating: ****