My Mother and Other Strangers

Hattie Morahan, Aaron Staton and Owen McDonnell star in this drama

After a local child contracts scarlet fever, Rose (Hattie Morahan) approaches Captain Dreyfuss (Aaron Staton – Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove, if you’re wondering where you’ve seen him before) at the airbase for help with treatment, and the youngster is transferred to hospital.

Later, Rose intercepts a cigarette smuggler on his way to see her husband Michael (Owen McDonnell), and the issue of black-market goods at Coyne’s Pub and Store causes family tensions to rise once more.

We’re all waiting to see whether romance will blossom between Rose and Dreyfuss, so when she invites him in for tea and starts pouring her heart out, will he do more than offer an epaulette to cry on?