We finally meet Patrick Logan (John Barrowman), the man who led Angie Bolen into big trouble when both were young environmental activists and is the father of her son, Danny. Logan turns up to collect information from Iris Beckley, the nosey neighbour who last week phoned him offering to reveal Angie’s whereabouts.

And we soon see Logan’s sinister side. One minute he’s sitting down taking tea with Iris, the next he’s taking off his scarf and moving in to strangle her. The episode ends with a sinister-looking Patrick sitting in a parked car on Wisteria Lane, having tracked down Angie to her new home.

Elsewhere, Bree invites Andrew over to dinner to smooth things over with Sam, but there’s a huge fight. As Andrew digests the news that Sam is his half-brother, he and Orson decide to investigate Sam’s past.

Susan and Gaby get a little too competitive while fundraising for the school, and Lynette is angry when Porter and his Russian girlfriend Irina get an apartment together and, worse still, Irina has persuaded her young beau to marry her next week.

And finally, the neighbours find out about Katherine’s lesbian relationship with Robin at Mrs McCluskey’s party. It’s all too much for Katherine who decides she wants to stop seeing Robin. But it seems she may have had a last-minute change of heart…

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