Myra attacks Vincent!

Phoebe fobs Myra and Patrick off with an excuse about why she was breaking into college, they believe her – for now. Later, Phoebe lets Vincent into the McQueens to have a shower, but when Myra sees the strange man in her house, she hits him over the head with a frying pan and calls the police.

Sinead cuts a fragile silhouette as she spends the night in a police cell. She’s released on bail, however, when Diane finds out about her daughter’s arrest, she forces Sinead to move back in with her. Back at Tony’s, Sinead panics when Katy starts crying. Her maternal instincts finally kick in as she comforts her daughter, but Diane is troubled by the scene. After what she saw yesterday, Diane presses on with making her guardianship over Katy official, but Sinead’s blood turns cold at the thought of giving up her daughter forever.

Elsewhere, George is excited that Tilly and Esther’s relationship seems to be on the up but puts his foot in it when he tells Esther that Tilly has accepted a uni place in Nottingham. Esther decides to break things off with Tilly leaving herself heartbroken. 

Also, Cindy’s alarmed when she goes to visit Tony and his bed is empty.