Niall steals Max and Steph’s wedding vows from Kieron’s jacket pocket. With Kieron out, Niall sneaks into John-Paul’s room, and sees a note reading ‘See you later, gorgeous. Kxxx.’ Niall places the vows next to the bed before later persuading Myra to collect them to give to Kieron. As she walks into the bedroom and finds them, she also spots the note lying there. Things soon become disturbingly clear – her son has been sleeping with Father Kieron.

Tony arrives to hurry a hungover Max and OB along to the wedding. They are about to leave when Max starts getting chest pains. Fearing the worst they rush to hospital, with Tony and OB worried about Max’s long-standing heart condition. Will Max make it to the church?

Meanwhile, Myra is at the church, furious at the hypocrisy of Kieron sleeping with John-Paul. John-Paul arrives and tries to apologise to Myra but he only serves to further enrage her.

Mandy startles Tony when she returns to Il Gnosh and Jacqui is angry to spot the two of them together. Feeling guilty and irritable, Tina is jealous when she misconstrues Mandy giving Dom a friendly hug. Tina and Jacqui determine to keep Mandy away from their men.

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