Myra turns fortune-teller but what will her predictions be for Maxine?

What will Myra see in her crystal ball?

Myra turns her hand to fortune-telling and certainly looks the part! However unbeknownst to everyone, she’s on a secret mission for Glenn who has paid her good gold to convince Maxine that she should get back with Adam.

As Maxine listens to Myra’s predictions and advice, will she be tempted to give her cheating ex another chance or will she see through the ruse?

Elsewhere Cleo is certain she wants to be with Joel but how will Sienna react when the pair go head to head and Cleo warns her that she’s going to fight to win back her man?

Meanwhile, Marnie and Ellie are worried about Alfie’s erratic behaviour unaware he’s in the process of constructing a Jade-inspired robot!