Riley is on top of the world as he prepares for an awards ceremony in Chez Chez that afternoon and everyone is in high spirits except for Mercedes. Warren has pulled out all the stops and when Riley wins Young Player of the Year the tipsy footie player steps up to the podium. Carl and Heidi hide their hurt as he dedicates his award to Mercedes.

Riley insists that as the mother of his baby and future wife, Mercedes must join him. He drags her up to the podium to share in his glory but her new heels get stuck in the step. She loses her balance and crashes to the ground. Myra rushes to her side and immediately voices her concern about the baby – this is Mercy’s chance to fake the miscarriage.

At school, Esther and Ruby give Amy a hard time and she struggles to keep order in the classroom. Things go from bad to worse for Amy when Pete is forced to suspend her until the charges against her have been dropped.

Also, Liberty and Theresa encourage each other to get boyfriends and promise to tell each other when they get a new man. And Lynsey and Cheryl fall out over their hot new flat mate.

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