As Myra prepares to close up the florist, we see a dark figure lingering behind her, iron bar in gloved hand. She turns to face her attacker and pleads with them to stop as the iron bar comes crashing down on top of her. Jim rushes to Myra’s aid with a worried Carmel close behind.

Ste wonders whether he’s done the right thing and both him and Doug are alarmed when two police officers turn up and arrest Ste on suspicion of murder.

Doug confronts Tony, but he assures the deli owner that he didn’t speak to the police. Ste is released pending further enquiries and notices Sandy outside the police station. He realises she’s the one who reported him. Guilt-ridden, Sandy changes her statement.

Meanwhile, Carmel is confused by Jim’s continued secrecy. But is touched when her mum encourages her to keep tight hold of Jim – he’s a good man, unlike Browning.