Myra is quizzed by the police

Myra holds a party for Carmel’s passing out day as she finally becomes a PCSO. However, Jacqui and Mercedes are unimpressed when Carmel harangues her mum over Myra’s fraudulent welfare cheque. Things turn worse when fraud investigators from the Welfare Department turn up at the party and take Myra to the police station for questioning, Mercedes and Jacqui blame Carmel for calling the police and insist she doesn’t belong in their family. Calvin buys Carmel an engraved police whistle for becoming a PCSO. But Carmel misunderstands him when he drops to his knee and thinks he’s proposing. Overjoyed, Carmel accepts Calvin’s offer of marriage, and a panicking Calvin tries and fails to back out of it. Calvin is shell-shocked and persuades Carmel to keep the news to herself for the moment. She reluctantly agrees but ends up blurting it out to her family. Meanwhile, after finding out Calvin’s intentions weren’t sincere, Niall insists Louise tells Carmel the truth and she’s heartbroken. Beth is jealous when she overhears Rhys making a date with Mercedes. Later, Rhys is surprised when she asks him to break his date, and he agrees, leaving Mercedes livid when Rhys stands her up. Also, Sasha starts her 17th birthday with a comedown. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip