Already embarrassed over her father’s dalliance with Myra on New Year’s Eve, Sasha is further annoyed when Danny and Lauren’s mother Valerie turns up in the village. Determined not to let her get away with dumping them in Hollyoaks, Lauren tells Val she wants her to leave, but Leo tells her she can stay, much to Myra’s annoyance.

Furious Jake lets Nancy know how she embarrassed him with her drunken antics last night. Meanwhile, Frankie organises a family dinner to welcome Newt back, and Jake apologises for doubting him. Later, Nancy lies to a fuming Jake that she knows where her engagement ring is.

Summer insists to a loved-up OB that she needs to tell Kris the truth about them. Kris is horrified when Summer dumps him and is later outraged to spot her with OB in the village. They get into a slanging match as OB defends Summer, and things end up getting out of hand with OB and Kris getting into a fist fight.

And as Darren searches frantically for any clue of Jess’s whereabouts, Jack won’t listen to his son’s apologies. Ashamed Darren vows to hunt Jess down and return with his cash.