Myra struggles to dine with Malachy

Myra invites Carmel for dinner to get her on side when Carmel threatens to report them for shoplifting. Malachy offers to cook and Myra feels uncomfortable, although she keeps her concerns under wraps. Myra can barely conceal her horror at sharing the same table as Malachy and Mercedes explodes when she realises that Myra’s worried about being infected with HIV. Malachy is hurt but forgiving.

Newt is frustrated when he and Lauren bump into Theresa and Anita, and Lauren trades petty insults. Theresa sees Spencer and convinces him to buy them some booze and carry on the party at Warren’s flat. Newt is uneasy watching Lauren taking advantage of Spencer and he leaves. Warren is furious when he finds the drunk teens trying to humiliate Spencer but he explodes with rage when he finds them messing with Louise’s things.

Darren realises Jack wasn’t joking about kicking him out and Cindy and Newt feel sorry for him and give him the keys to Frankie’s old flat. Darren’s spooked by the empty flat and he’s pleased when Cindy turns up. But she accuses him of only wanting her to stay so he can have sex and leaves him alone again. Realising Darren’s anxious, Newt offers to stay the night.

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