Myra swears revenge on Browning

Trevor tells Jim he wants the club by the end of the day. Jim persuades Browning to leave Hollyoaks for a fresh start. Elsewhere, Freddie sneaks into Browning’s flat, on Trevor’s orders, and steals the money Jim paid for the other half of the club. Mercedes finds out about Browning’s plan to leave and rushes to the village to see him. As the taxi pulls away, she realises she can’t live without him and begs him to stop. He jumps out of the car and as Jim and Myra watch, Mercy and Browning kiss. Mercy is surprised when her mum seems ok with them getting back together, but once they’ve left, Myra swears to get rid of Browning for good…

Sienna takes her lies to a whole new level when she gets talking to Lindsey at the pub and hits the jackpot when the doctor says she carries her scan picture in her bag – bingo.

Lindsey is desperately trying to get the truth from Cindy and suddenly realises who attacked her! Cindy is furious when Lindsey reveals Browning attacked her too. Lindsey realises the true horrors of Dr Browning’s latest attack and vows to make him pay.

Also, Ash encourages Dodger to see his mum.