Myra takes a nasty tumble!

John Paul feels guilty when he realises he’s missed Father’s Day, so Scott promises to help him make it up to Sally. As Sally and Myra argue at the school, Myra ends up tumbling down the stairs and landing at John Paul’s feet – but did she fall or was she pushed?

Meanwhile, Nancy and Darren are still determined to stop Maxine dating Adam in case she tells him about Patrick. Maxine finds a pair of knickers in Adam’s jacket pocket, unaware they’ve been planted there by Darren and Nancy. They later suggest Maxine should take a holiday.

The Nightingales rally round Alfie as he prepares to hear what the next steps are in his treatment. Dr Berrington tells Alfie that his chances of survival are between 10 and 20 per cent, so he decides to break up with Jade.

Fed up of being Marnie’s minions, Diane and Tony try to put their stamp on Nightingale’s. Diane tells Marnie to be more compassionate towards her and Tony – or she’ll reveal all about her and Freddie!