Myra throws a house party after a big win on the bingo. Michaela returns from Disneyland to an annoyed Zac – she told him the party was fancy dress, but he’s the only one in costume. Malachy sees Calvin and Mercedes together and watches Calvin’s reaction as he tells him that he and Mercedes will be starting a family.

Jacqui’s in the mood for love, but her attitude quickly changes when Des panics about staying over and she accuses him of wanting to be with Nancy. Carmel feels humiliated after a party game goes wrong but she’s cheered when Calvin tells her how much he means to her.

Sasha returns from Disneyland and is annoyed to find Lauren with Gaz. She catches Gaz with the PSP she brought back for Spencer and accuses him of stealing it, but Spencer tells her she’s made a mistake. She eventually relents, as long as Gaz is out of the house before their dad gets home.

Also; Duncan excitedly plans his birthday party for the reality TV show. Theresa invites Duncan over to the McQueens party in order to guarantee being his on-screen date. Duncan is delighted, but Darren tells him that she’s only using him.

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