Mysterious Penn sets Nicole’s heart aflutter

Penn Graham, a mysterious newcomer, watches the Summer Bay riots on the news and laughs. He heads into town and meets Marilyn, and then he meets Nicole. She’s instantly taken with him. He reads her palm and tells her someone wicked will come into her life…

Gina can’t get hold of John. Little does she know, he’s in bed with Jill. Gina later asks Jill if she knows where John was, and John walks in carrying the clothes Jill left at his. John is honest – Jill doesn’t send mixed messages or take one step forward and two back the way Gina does. Gina resolves to stop pushing John away. Jill asks if Gina’s stealing John off her. Gina says she’s not, but if John comes back to her, she won’t say no.

Romeo is furious that Jill is causing trouble with Gina. Nicole tells him to stay out of it, but Romeo knows things always go wrong for Jill when she’s with a man and she always starts drinking again. Later, when he learns from Miles that Gina wants to be with John, he’s even angrier with Jill. He goes to see Gina and tells her that if she lets him help, he can get John back for her.

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