Nadiya Hussain makes her family’s favourite dishes and meets some of Britain’s most inspiring home cooks along the way, beginning with recipes for days out.

Since being crowned Bake Off champ in 2015, Nadiya Hussain has hardly had time to pause.

Nadiya's Family Favourites

Nadiya with her husband Abdal and kids, Maryam, Musa and Dawud

Now the busy mum of three is back with a new eight-part series sharing her favourite, hassle-free family dishes.

‘We all have 
days when there’s no food in the house, 
or when we just don’t have time to spare,’ 
says Nadiya who each week rustles up food for different occasions, whether it’s a busy school night or friends coming to stay.

‘Everyone has busy lives and cooking can feel time-consuming, 
or monotonous or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way,’ insists Nadiya, 33, proving her point with mouth-watering creations such as spatchcock spicy chicken with ghee potatoes and for dessert baked pear and marzipan crumble.

‘I’ll be cooking meals my family love to eat and when I say they’re not hard, they’re really
not hard!

‘I’m hoping viewers will watch the show and go, ‘Ah, that’s so simple, I didn’t think of that. I’m going to try it now.’

First up Nadiya prepares the perfect 
picnic including a scrumptious-looking samosa pie and learns how to make an award-winning Cornish pasty.

TV Times rating: ****