Nancy agrees to keep Malachy’s secret

When Malachy wakes up, he insists he lied to Nancy about being HIV positive. Fully aware that he’s lying, Nancy agrees to keep his so called joke to herself – for now. Meanwhile, an embarrassed Mercedes and Kris feel awkward after spending the night together.

Later, at the Media Lab, Nancy is horrified to hear Kris confess to his one night stand with Mercedes and that they’ve also had to get the morning after pill after their condom split. Later, Kris is furious when a dishevelled and uncommunicative Malachy arrives back at Halls.

Having completely forgotten to sort out a best man for his wedding, Calvin offers the job to both Leo and Danny. As they vie for the role, Danny pinches Leo’s best man speech, making a few changes. He presents it to Calvin who ends up picking him over Leo.

Down in the dumps after resigning, Mike is cheered up by Michaela, who has planned a fun afternoon for him eating chocolates and watching DVDs. Later, when Zoe arrives home, Mike informs both girls that he wants to become a student at HCC and return to university…

Also, Sarah becomes Hannah’s campaign manager for the job of Entertainment Officer, while Zak backs Elliot for the role.

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