Nancy and Darren prepare to get hitched

It’s the day of Nancy and Darren’s wedding and everyone in the village, particularly John Paul, is shocked by Robbie’s arrest following Nancy’s attack. Darren finds Nancy at the McQueens and, although she’s still shaken from her attack, she decides that they’re still going to get married that day.

As Nancy is about to leave for The Folly, Rick turns up at The Dog and warns Nancy to retract her accusation against Robbie or he’ll tell Darren about their affair. But Nancy says she’s not backing down.

At the wedding, John Paul is proud of Nancy as he walks her down the aisle. Finn congratulates Nancy but, when she kisses him on the cheek, she recognises his aftershave. No one believes her when she accuses Finn of trying to rape her – until John Paul reveals that he raped him too!