Nancy bars Jake from the flat

Devastated at being barred from visiting Charlie at the hospital, Nancy takes Sarah’s advice and bans Jack from her flat. Jake is furious to arrive later to discover his clothes on the doorstep and his key not working. Nancy threatens to call the police as Jake smashes his way into the flat. Luckily, Jack walks in to calm the situation and berates the couple for selfishly ignoring the needs of their sick baby in hospital. Insisting Charlie is more important to him than the flat, Jake leaves with Jack, much to Nancy’s relief. Guilty Katy fails to avoid Zak after their snog and the pair are forced to deal with what happened last night. But their chat is interrupted by Justin who luckily doesn’t overhear the conversation. Later, Zak watches Justin reassure Katy that she is the most important person in his life, and is upset to see Katy fall into his arms. With business at The Dog slow, Frankie suggests selling up. And it looks like something will have to give when Jack discovers he can’t claim on the insurance for the cash that was stolen during the siege. Also, Max takes OB for a night on the tiles in a bid to persuade him to stay in Hollyoaks. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip