Nancy catches Ravi and Kris in the act

Nancy confronts Ravi and tells him she knows he tried to kiss Russ. Ravi admits he’s bisexual and Nancy tells him she needs some space to think. Nancy has another encounter with Kris, who tells her again he loves her. Kris is devastated when Nancy tells him she wants to concentrate on Ravi and end their affair. Kris turns to Ravi for comfort but Nancy walks in and is stunned to find her boyfriend and her lover snogging…

Anita tells Theresa that she kissed Newt. Theresa thinks Newt will soon want to take things further and when Newt invites Anita to a study session at Darren’s empty flat, Theresa dresses Anita for her ‘date’. Anita clumsily attempts to seduce Newt and they are interrupted by Cindy and Darren. Anita is mortified and flees, worried that Newt thinks she’s too easy.

Darren is vague when Cindy questions him about his new job. Rhys stirs and hints to Cindy that Darren is working at the pub. Cindy is horrified when she discovers Darren is the toilet attendant. Cindy later calms down and realises how hard it is for Darren and apologises for being so harsh.

Also, Russ is chuffed when Jacqui suggests he baby-sit Max when she starts her course.

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