Nancy complains about Niamh

Nancy Milne tells Al that her husband Walter died before Christmas, explaining that Niamh froze instead of trying to help. Later, Niamh finds Al to suggest they start packing for their holiday to Cuba, but Al isn’t listening as he thinks about Nancy and Walter.

Damien is arrested for shouting at a stranger, Gary. Damien tells Jimmi that he has a gift and just knows things about people. Later, the police get a call about a domestic disturbance and Howard arrives to find Gary having beaten up his girlfriend!

Daniel asks Franc if he saw Gigi over Christmas but hears that she was away with her mum in Spain. Valerie asks about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions when Al notices she’s munching on a biscuit!

Emma finds Aylesha crying and she admits that she had an awful Christmas – she couldn’t buy Sierra what she wanted. Emma invites her over for dinner and Ayesha is delighted.