Nancy and Darren return from holiday but Nancy feels rejected by Darren and turns to Mandy for advice!

Nancy and Darren hit trouble

Nancy and Darren return from their time away together, but all is not well in the Osborne marriage.

A dejected Nancy confides in Mandy that she and Darren haven’t slept together and turns to her friend to ask for advice – little does she realise Mandy is embroiled in a passionate affair with her hubby!

Put on the spot, what will an awkward Mandy encourage Nancy to do?

Elsewhere, James agrees to let Kyle move back into his home but only as a lodger and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Sienna is hugely relieved when her hospital diagnosis comes back clear but, determined to cling on to Joel at all costs, she lies and pretends her cancer has returned.

Will a duped Joel continue to stand by her and be her rock?