Nancy and Foz are busy planning their trip to India, but realise they want different things from the experience.

But after she pays Jake a visit, Nancy feel guilty about leaving her baby nephew Charlie, and tells Foz she has to many responsibilities to go to India and has decided to stay in Hollyoaks.

Despite his grief for Max, OB attends Tom’s birthday party with Dominic and Tony, and the trio have to step into the breach when Tom’s magician fails to turn up. Later, OB returns to manage The Loft and things go well until a mob turn up and trash the club.

Gilly and Tania’s lovesick behaviour is making jealous Rhys sick to the stomach and he reacts bitterly when Gilly announces he and Tania are going travelling round the world, although he agrees to help Gilly find work.

Louise and Calvin’s first date gets off to a shaky start when he’s late to collect her, before nerves get the better of both of them. Things go from bad to worse when Calvin gets a phone call from one of his warring siblings, before he’s forced to step into his policeman’s role and ends up getting bruised and battered.

Also, Suzanne decides to make a date with fate and requests Escort 23.