Nancy gets on the wrong side of Jacqui

Russ is disgusted when he finds Jacqui unloading stolen goods from Max’s pram and tells her to make something of herself for Max’s sake. Jacqui later bursts into Russ’s class to have a go at him for criticising her. Russ collides with Jacqui in the village and when Nancy intervenes she finds herself at the wrong end of Jacqui’s fist. Kris tends to Nancy’s wounds and blurts out that he’s in love with her.

Newt asks Darren to talk to Jack and encourage him to get back on his feet. Jack doesn’t take kindly to Darren’s words and sends him on his way. Darren approaches Neville to see if he would sell the pub back to Jack but Nev isn’t interested. Nev offers Darren a job as the Dog toilet attendant in instead.

Anita is upset when she discovers that Theresa really did steal the poem she gave her from Lauren. Lauren apologises to Newt for her behaviour and he confides his worries about Jack. Meanwhile, Gov wants the prize money for the poetry competition back unless he gets an admission from the girls about where Anita’s poem came from.

Also, Anita suggests to Newt that Jack should apply for the lollipop man’s job at the school.

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