Nancy goes ballistic

Nancy is upset to discover that Jake has banned her from seeing Charlie, but decides to visit the hospital anyway and demand her right to see him. Meanwhile, Frankie arranges to have Charlie christened by Kieron. As Steph and Darren are made godparents, Nancy and John-Paul barge in and a furious Nancy launches a scathing rant against the Osbornes. John-Paul is shocked when Kieron admits the extent of his feelings for him and by the revelation that he wants to move their relationship on further. But when he and Nancy see a fully robed Kieron performing Charlie’s christening ceremony, John-Paul begins to understand what being a priest really means, and starts questioning whether he should tempt Kieron into breaking his vows. Steph is frustrated that Max is pining for OB while she’s worrying about Charlie and her family. But during the christening, Max promises Steph her that she and Tom will be his main concern from now on. Also, Jacqui is unsympathetic when she hears that Tony and Mercedes are at each other’s throats in Il Gnosh, and Mercedes stumbles on an important secret… VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip