Nancy isn’t looking forward to her date with Zak. When he comes to pick her up, Jake feels awkward and does his best to ignore his feelings before going out drinking with the lads. Meanwhile at Il Gnosh, Zak and Nancy soon find out that they have little in common, and by the end of the night, Nancy storms out, leaving Zak to pay the bill. But when she returns home to a tipsy Jake, her evening ends in an unexpected fashion…

Craig disappoints John-Paul by giving him the cold shoulder in the village. Later, Craig attempts to take his mind of off John-Paul by trying to book a holiday with Sarah. But when Rhys teases Craig about Sarah, he begins to worry that John-Paul has let their secret out of the bag. He meets Sarah at The Dog, but he sees her looking worried with John-Paul, and starts to panic that John-Paul has said something to Sarah.

Guilty Zoe apologises to Zak for the night before, and heads over to explain to Darren. She’s surprised when sympathetic Darren offers Zoe a shoulder to cry on and even opens up about almost losing his Dad. Zoe is left finding Darren strangely attractive.

*Screened on TV3, Friday June 29*

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