Grieving Nancy is exhausted with having to cope with baby Charlie, but luckily Frankie is on hand to help, enlisting Hannah and Sarah to cheer her up. But their well-meaning visit causes Nancy to break down.

As Kris and a terrified Jessica struggle with the possibility that they might have the HIV virus, Kris is wracked with guilt, but his efforts to explain things to Jessica only make matters worse. Jessica turns to Zoe for comfort, but Zoe insists she take a HIV test.

Meanwhile, Will continues to act the saint in front of Zoe, helping Kris when he cuts his finger and playing the good friend. Later, Jessica’s fear turns to fury when she lets rip at an utterly despondent Kris, leaving the watching Will delighted with his evil charade.

Elsewhere, Michaela is determined to bag Sonny, but at first her strange behaviour only serves to irritate him. Eventually, her persuasive attitude pays dividends when the pair share a kiss.

Tony makes a few careless comments that manage to hurt Jacqui and annoy Myra, but when his apologies fall on deaf ears, he’s left wondering how he’ll ever be able to confess his true feelings to Jacqui.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday March 20*