Nancy has last-minute jitters

On the morning of their wedding day, Jake and Nancy visit Becca’s grave, before Nancy gets last-minute jitters. But Jake is determined the wedding should go ahead and pushes her into the car before she can change her mind. At the hospital chapel, defeated Nancy goes ahead with the wedding, despite their vows being interrupted by Russ, who’s too late to prevent them from tying the knot. They return to the flat where Nancy spurns Jake’s amorous attention. Despite Nancy’s protests, Jake gets physically forceful, until Steph walks in.

It’s OB’s last day in Hollyoaks, and he and Max reminisce about the old days, deciding to play a prank on Tony to mark the occasion. They use the spare keys to let themselves into his flat, before moving Tony’s furniture outside, setting it up like his living room. However, OB is concerned to see Max suffer from twinges in his chest from all the lifting, and Max comes clean about his ECG scan next week. Wanting to end the night on a high, Max suggests OB take a memento from the village, and OB eyes up the Drive N Buy sign.

Also, Justin is preoccupied with the anniversary of Becca’s death, which puts a dampener on Valentines’ Day for he and Katy.

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