Nancy’s furious and goes to visit Jake warning him to stay away from Charlie. Meanwhile, Hannah reveals to Loretta that she wrote to Jake, posing as Nancy, and is scared she’ll find out. Nancy returns from her visit and walks straight into an argument with Kris about the state of their relationship. Whilst Kris is left feeling regretful, it’s clear that the reappearance of Jake in her life is already causing Nancy problems.

Zoe has been charged for Sarah’s murder. As Archie greets his parents when they arrive at the prison, they don’t seem convinced about Zoe’s innocence. Graham is encouraged by Zoe’s optimism, but Archie can see through it. Later, Archie goes to visit a broken Mike, who makes his ill feelings towards Zoe clear.

Eli is unimpressed by Rae and thinks they should move on. When Rae overhears and questions who he was talking to, Newt replies jokily that he has someone talking in his head. Rae accompanies him on his trip back home to get his medication, but they cross paths with Jack and Frankie, sending Newt running.

Also; Back at the warehouse, Newt realises that he doesn’t want to lose Rae and they share a kiss, with a brooding Eli looking on.

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