Nancy learns the truth about Ravi

Kris meets Ravi in the flat but has a sudden attack of conscience and stops proceedings, leaving Ravi confused by Kris’s rejection. Kris catches up with Nancy, who is troubled about her feelings after Kris’s declaration of love. Nancy later confesses to Russ that she’s having an affair with Kris and beats herself up for cheating on Ravi. Nancy is stunned when Russ reveals that Ravi is not so innocent and once came on to him.

Newt is angry with Anita for enquiring about a lollipop man job on Jack’s behalf as Jack is furious and blames him. Anita confesses to Jack that she was the culprit then admits to Newt that she got Theresa to steal a poem to make him like her more. Newt apologises to Lauren and agrees to put it behind them. Lauren is later devastated when she catches Newt and Anita kissing.

Darren is gobsmacked when he discovers that The Dog toilets have been trashed on his first day. Rhys gloats about the chaos and Darren is sure that Rhys is responsible. Jack turns up at The Dog and is stunned to discover that Darren is the toilet attendant and sees Darren in another light.

Also, Jacqui applies to do a business management course.

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