Craig regrets his hasty actions in dumping Sarah and turns to Nancy for advice. But Nancy is still getting to grips with life without Foz and needs Craig and John-Paul’s emotional support to cheer up, and she hatches a plan to reconcile Craig and Sarah and John-Paul with Hannah.

And she’s successful! Craig begs Sarah’s forgiveness by showering her with gifts, while John-Paul is reluctantly reunited with Hannah.

The McQueen washing machine breaks down, and Tina’s irritated when Myra asks her to spend her day off in the launderette. With her mum’s moaning is getting on her nerves, she seeks refuge in Washed Up, and sneaks into the back for a chat with Mike. Unluckily, they’re spotted by Tony, who immediately jumps to the conclusion that Tina and Mike are having an affair!

Sasha desperately tries to snag Justin, but he’s too busy struggling with his guilty conscience to notice her. Michaela dishes out some much-needed advice and a makeover, and with a brand new look, Sasha visits Justin in The Loft, but he’s less than pleased to see her. However, Warren is more interested in their conversation, and decides to use it to manipulate Justin for his own ends.

Also, Kris suggests that Jessica write an article on him, but she isn’t impressed when he rips UFO enthusiast Elliot to pieces on his radio show. Later, Kris is jealous as Jessica decides to write her article on Elliot instead.