Nancy is frustrated when Mick claims he didn’t do anything bad to Dean, but ominously insists Dean won’t ever be back. Warning Mick that whether Dean is dead or alive, Nancy thinks there will be trouble. Finding Linda going through wedding magazines with Linda, a worried Nancy snaps at her mum. Realising Linda is getting upset by her behaviour, Nancy reveals that Dean was in the Vic and Mick may have killed him…

Lauren tells Peter she’s going to stay with her mum, as a clean break is the best for both of them. When Lauren later finds Peter putting flowers on Lucy’s grave, Peter realises he needs to tell her the truth about Lucy, while Lauren has a confession of her own. When Bobby asks Peter if he was responsible for Lucy’s death, Peter goes along with Jane’s lie, saying it was nothing to do with him. Peter and Lauren leaves for their new life, but not before Peter can buy an ‘I love London’ babygrow for their baby to be.

Ben is stunned when Abi arrives wanting to move in, making it clear she doesn’t want it to just be temporary. Opening up to Abi, Ben confesses that he still has feelings for men and he doesn’t think he can give Abi the life she deserves. Insisting that if they love each other, it doesn’t matter, Abi says she’s willing to give their relationship a try.

Also, Roxy’s horrified to learn Charlie’s been arrested, while Dot hasn’t even applied for bail.